How to help a stray cat
27 April 2015

At the moment we are finding that the number of adoptions are low.

This means we can not get the stray cats in as quickly as we need to.

If you have a stray cat, on a waiting list, here is the best advice we can give to you!

Firstly, get the cat checked for a microchip. The cat you are feeding may have an owner!

Secondly, if the cat is not neutered, there are organisations that will help to get them neutered.

Thirdly, make the cat a warm, dry place to sleep.

You can get a polystyrene box with a lid on from a fish monger. You can cut a hole out of the front so the cat can get in and out of it. Put a blanket or an old towel inside. This should keep the cat warm and dry until we can help.

You can also do the same with a plastic box, insulate the inside and add a cat flat to keep the breeze out. Make sure there are no sharp edges if you cut the plastic. 

Our aim at Cats Paws Sanctuary is to help stray and abandoned cats and kittens that are living on the streets of Blackpool.

By prioritising un-neutered cats, especially pregnant females and young kittens, we can make sure they are safe and when they are ready we can get them neutered, reducing the population of un-wanted cats and kittens on the streets.

At the sanctuary, we have 11 isolation pens. All cats must go into isolation for one week to allow us to find the owner and to make sure that the cat is not carrying any disease. After a week if no owner has come forwards, (which is usually the case) we can then take the cat to be health checked and neutered.

We then have 18 pens, which the cats available for adoption can go into.

We work on a one out, one in policy so when a cat is adopted we can take in a stray cat off the waiting list.

If we did not follow this policy it would be chaos.

If we took in more cats than we are allowed we would run the risk of cross contamination. The cats would be stressed causing illness. Staff and volunteers would be over worked causing sickness, injury and neglecting the cats. If extra staff were employed, Cats Paws funds would run out.

We have to stick to environmental enrichments and think of the welfare of the cats that we have here at the sanctuary. If we did not do this we would run the risk of being closed down!

So to keep us up and running, we ask for a little help from you!

If the cat does not have a micro chip, we can add it to our waiting list.

We do completely understand that it is not nice to see the cat outside in bad weather and it is very sad to see it so hungry but everyone is in the same situation.

Please be patient with us, we will get the cat in as soon as we have space.

In the mean time, please try and find somewhere warm, dry and safe for the cat to sleep in.

If the cat is upsetting your cat, please try to keep your cat indoors and provide it with lots of toys and attention to stop boredom and bad habits.

Again we know it is frustrating that you think we won’t help you but we will, when we can!

We also have to think about the other 50 plus cats and kittens that we usually have at the sanctuary. 

Summer Fair 2019
24 January 2015

We are holding our Summer Fair on Sunday 23rd June at the sanctuary on School Road, Blackpool FY4 5EN.

The gate will open at 11am and entrance is with a donation of cat food. The gate will close around 3pm.
Please DO NOT bring your dog!

Everyone is welcome, there is no age limit.

We have lots of fun planned for the day including, 

a raffle, tombola, bottlebola, hook a duck, buried treasure lucky dip, wine pull and many more.

We will have scrumptious cakes to buy and a stall selling gifts and other items.

You can have a look around the sanctuary and see the cats but you won't be able to adopt on the day however there will be a stall where you can adopt a teddy bear to take home.

Don't worry about your lunch! We have that covered too.
You can relax in our outdoor cafe area and enjoy a freshly made sandwich, a burger or hot dog from the BBQ.
(vegetarians options are available)

We will also be serving hot and cold drinks.

All money raised from the day will go towards caring for the cats and kittens at the sanctuary.

We hope to see you all there!!!


Last year our Summer Fair took place on Sunday 24th June.

It was a great day and we had fantastic weather! Everything ran very smoothly. The BBQ was yummy and the cakes were delicious. 

We raised a fantastic £1719!!!


We are collecting items to use at our Summer Fair so if you have any unwanted gifts that you would like to donate to us, please drop them off at the sanctuary. We will need gift bags, gift sets, bottles for the bottlebola but please check the dates on them and gifts for the tombola and lucky dip.

Picnic By The Pond
08 July 2014

Please join us on Sunday 9th September 2018 from 11am until 3pm, at the sanctuary.

If you missed our Summer Fair, this is your chance to get down to the sanctuary, have a look around and join in the fun!

If you did come to our Summer Fair, please come back for seconds. 

There will be a few stalls to look around and then you can sit in our lovely garden with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Or if you haven't had any lunch you can enjoy a freshly made picnic basket. 

We will have a free quiz starting at 1pm, then you can have a go at bingo from 2pm. (There will be a charge to play bingo).

We are well aware of how unpredictable the weather can be so don't you worry, we have sorted shelter out!

Please come and join us, we would love to see you all. 

Dogs not allowed!