Meet the Team

The sanctuary is run by a team of 5 staff members. This includes a veterinary nurse with the other members of staff having gained NVQs in Animal Care. Between them all they have many years of experience working with rescued animals but in particular with our feline friends.

They all work over a 7 day rota so the sanctuary is fully staffed 365 days a year.

We pride ourselves on our high standards after all we are rescuing these beautiful animals to improve their lives.

The staff attend regular courses on all aspects of the health and behaviour of animals which keeps them up to date with new treatments etc. We also have “In House” courses which allow staff to work towards higher levels of Animal Care.

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who come on a regular basis to help with grooming and socialising the cats and kittens and most importantly helping to keep the sanctuary clean and safe for them.

All about Cats Paws Sanctuary and our History

Cats Paws Sanctuary is a small independent charity which raises funds by running two charity shops in Blackpool, holding an annual Open Day and by the receipt of donations/bequests.

We began in a very small way in 1986 with a group of ladies who were concerned about the plight of homeless and abandoned cats in the Blackpool area we decided to form Cats Paws to help them. Initially we raised small amounts of money by holding jumble sales, auctions and Summer/Christmas fairs in local church halls with all proceeds going towards the care of the rescued felines. One of the committee members ran a boarding cattery in Poulton-le-Fylde and at first, our rescued cats were housed in separate pens on her site. As funds grew, we were able to obtain a large ex-Army accommodation block with better facilities and larger pens for mums and kittens. Unfortunately in 1996, the new cattery owner wanted their land back and so we had to find homes for all our cats. we continued to fund raise hoping that ultimately, we would raise enough money to have our own sanctuary. Any cats or kittens that came to us during this time were temporarily housed with foster carers until we could find new homes - we paid for their food and veterinary care.

We rented our first charity shop on Watson Road, Blackpool and then, two years later, were able to rent a second shop.

After many setbacks, the charity was able to purchase the bungalow and land on School Road.

The building of the present Sanctuary began in 2001 thanks to the generosity of many members and supporters. The official opening was on the 8th of July 2002, a proud day for everyone who had worked tirelessly over the preceeding fifteen years. Our cattery provides in addition to our large pens, a maternity unit, a hospital wing and an isolation block.

Thousands of cats and kittens have been rescued, given veterinary care and then re-homed. As Cats Paws Sanctuary is an independent charity, it receives no financial support other than by fund raising, donations and bequests and the proceeds of the two charity shops.

The charity has five Trustees and a supporting committee which meets regularly every month. We are grateful to all our supporters past and present who enable us to help so many deserving feline friends. With your help, we look forward to carrying on with this work long into the future.